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Grand Rapids Symphony, Grand Rapids, MI

  2014 2015
Number of Records 2,699 3,279
Investment of Phone-a-thon $8,866.00 $9,376.00
Total number of pledges 602 788
Total dollars pledged $53,072.00 $67,898.00
Average Pledge $88.16 $86.16
Pledge Percentage 22.30% 24.05%
Investment per $1 pledged $.17 $.14
ROI - $ pledged per $1 spent $5.99 $7.24
“The Grand Rapids Symphony and J. Milito & Associates are true Partners in Performance. Offering a quality telefunding experience to our audiences, J. Milito & Associates enhances the effectiveness of our development programs and shares the Symphony’s message professionally in each call.”
Diane Lobbestael, VP for Development, Grand Rapids Symphony


Did you know?
Lansing Attorney General Schuette reports: “among Michigan-based fundraisers, J. Milito & Associates of Grand Rapids consistently produced favorable results. Its 56 clients shared an average 73.9 percent of the $1.4 million raised on their behalf. Only two of the 56 experienced a loss. Overall, however, that level of return was the exception.”
Source, Lansing State Journal, March 9, 2013