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About J. Milito & Associates...

For more than twenty years, J. Milito & Associates has been partnering with faith-based and secular organizations across the U.S. to provide affordable, one-stop, professional fundraising services.

J. Milito & Associates specializes in stewardship, relationship building, and direct response fundraising with academic, religious, arts, health and human services, and community organizations to retain, renew, and upgrade donors to raise more money for life-changing missions and ministries.

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J. Milito & Associates professional fundraisers have raised more than $37 million by turning conversations in commitments with donors and supporters, securing an average pledge of $148 at an average cost of just $.18 for every dollar raised. And we secure, on average, $5.52 in pledges for every dollar invested.

J. Milito & Associates will work to maximize the return on your financial investment and to retain, renew and updgrade your donors.  

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