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Monday, 12 January 2015 00:00

4 Things Your Organization Must Do in 2015.

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4 Things Your Organization Must Do in 2015.

Wow, so hard to believe it is 2015. It seems like yesterday when we stressed about Y2K.

Where does the time go?

At the beginning of the New Year, many of us take time to reflect on the past year and resolve to make changes and try new things.

Others may unconsciously hit the “replay” button, because last year was “just fine”.

This year can be an important year for you and your organization. Waiting out there are a lot of surprises and joys. And some difficulties and disappointments also. It is up to you how successful and fulfilling 2015 can be for your organization.

Richard and Jeff in their Passionate Giving Blog share 4 things your organization must do to have a good 2015.

  • Remember what your work is all about. It is about healing the hurts, bringing light and understanding to a situation, creating awareness, and calling all of us back to this fact: there are people out there who need our help. Come back to that reality and get grounded in it.
  • Remember fundraising is mostly about donors. The donors want to make a difference this year. Your job is to help them do it. You should be primarily focused on helping the donor make a difference, not on getting their money. Keep this focus and balance in all the work you will do throughout this year.
  • Celebrate the difference that has been made. Work extra hard this year to tell your donors that their giving has made a difference. This is the Achilles heel of fundraising –that results in thousands of good donors simply going away and taking their millions of dollars to other organizations. Make a specific commitment to constantly tell each donor what their giving has done. It will bring them a lot of joy, and it will keep them as donors.
  • At least once a week, let your heart be broken by the brokenness of others and the state of our planet. On a regular basis, specifically seek stories and situations that will remind you of reality and call you back to the important values we are committed to. Stay in touch with the reality of your work. $100 is a lot of money and that $100 can do so very much in the life of another person.

So ask yourself, does your plan for 2015 include pushing the “replay” button for more of the same? If you are satisfied with your 20% retention rate and the high cost of acquiring new donors, then keep doing that same-old, same old.

Or will you take what you have learned and experienced last year and remember what your work is all about? Will you try new things? Take risks? Learn from your mistakes? Pick yourself up and try again?

The results will amaze you!

Let the team at J. Milito & Associates be part of your 2015 plan. Let us help you remind your donors that their giving does indeed make a difference!

Happy 2015!

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Janice Fonger

Janice Fonger, is SVP and general manager with J. Milito & Associates a direct response fundraising company. Janice has spent more than thirty years in the nonprofit sector. She has been on the front line, in the development office, in the board room and in the executive director’s chair. She knows organizational operations, board and committee oversight, marketing, finance, program delivery and fundraising in small nonprofits. She rose to the many challenges including creating new annual fundraising strategies, building an endowment during a recession, securing and maintaining needed public and private grant funding, as well as caring for and nurturing donor relationships. She has served on numerous nonprofit boards and is past president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals West Michigan Chapter.