Custom Fundraising Services

At J. Milito & Associates we do it all

We're experienced in assisting clients with:

  • Additional gift asks
  • Upgrading Donors
  • Annual appeal follow-up calls
  • Capital campaign initial asks and clean up calls
  • Current donor retention calls
  • Database analysis for suspect/prospect/donor identification
  • In house staff training of telephone fundraising techniques
  • Lapsed donor renewal calls
  • Membership renewal and acquisition calls
  • Monthly pledge acquisition calls
  • Naming opportunity calls
  • NCOA address appends and existing telephone number verification and appends
  • New donor acquisition calls
  • Planned gift prospect information and appointment setting calls
  • Seminars on telephone fundraising methods and strategy
  • Stewardship calls
  • Thank you calls
  • Total development & consultation on annual appeals
  • Volunteer phone-a-thon training and implementation