Custom Fundraising Services


You Benefit from Our Experience!

Our success on your behalf means your organization will have the funds necessary to fulfill your mission and ministry.

Telephone fundraising should both make and save you money. JMA turns conversations with your donors into pledge commitments at an average cost to you of just $.21 for every dollar raised. If your current efforts are costing you more than that, we can save you money while you achieve your fundraising goals.

JMA will:

  • Deliver a database penetration of up to 70% with our proven 6-dial attempt strategy.
  • Maximize your return on a list of 10,000 records or work with a list as small as 500 records.
  • Help you develop a compelling telephone script that is both personal and engaging. And, we share that script with your constituents in a conversational style as if you were making the call yourself.
  • Provide effective fundraising and friend-raising components to your overall fundraising strategy.

Partnering with JMA will help you:

  • Build relationships between your organization and your donors.
  • Achieve higher donor participation rates.
  • Achieve higher average donations through the opportunity to upgrade gifts. Only experienced callers can upgrade a donor's gift during a campaign call. That's a MAJOR benefit for your organization.
  • Prepare these valuable constituents for a larger gift later in the giving cycle because telephone fundraising is primarily responsible for identifying, educating and cultivating donors' giving habits over time.
  • Plant seeds that can grow into major gifts to provide critical future funds.
  • Offer your donors a personal explanation of donor recognition programs.
  • Provide personal 'thank you' calls and help you update your records and database.
  • Personally deliver positive public relations and education information on your organization.
  • Identify Major Gift prospects.
  • Enhance your donor information by adding or updating donor contact information, along with gathering other meaningful information that donors want to communicate to you.
  • We handwrite a personal message on all fulfillment documents.
  • Provide an organization-sensitive donor calling strategy.
  • Provide complete fulfillment services.
  • Provide full service consulting and support for all your phone program requirements.
  • Provide through a secure web site, view daily reports summarizing previous day's fundraising activity and your campaign performance statistics.
  • We can provide daily uploading of your donor data to your in-house accounting system.
  • Provide final evaluation reports at the conclusion of the campaign calling program.


Put our knowledge and experience to work for you!