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How to Produce Your Own Volunteer Phone-a-Thon Conducted by Juddee Milito

If you're a development professional in the academic, arts, health and human services or religious fields, consider hosting this comprehensive 2-hour workshop for 10 or more of your development peers. The workshop is designed for those exploring telephone fundraising using internal volunteers and processes or are considering outsourcing to professionals.

The workshop explores a series of steps that help development directors with before, during and after phone-a-thon preparations. Steps that help guarantee you a successful effort. The most successful phone-a-thons have a theme, goals, pre-approach marketing, careful timing, records segmentation and preparation, as well as a proper location and lots of volunteers.

Each participant receives a multi-page workbook and sample forms. Attendees will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the value of telephone fundraising as a dynamic component of an overall development plan. Participants will also glean critical information and examples for planning and implementing a successful telephone fundraising campaign.

Here's what recent workshop attendees had to say:

"It was the complete package and well presented with time for questions."

"Juddee is so knowledgeable – love her!"

"Realistic and doable strategies."

"I worried that because she has a telephone fundraising business that she would have difficulty converting the presentation to not-for-profit volunteer telephone-gift-securing. Wow, was I wrong to worry!"

"Juddee knows her stuff. She's fun and enthusiastic.

"Very practical information; good presentation. Juddee is engaging as a speaker."

"Easy to follow, fast-paced speaker!"

"Juddee was great at getting to the point."

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For information on scheduling your workshop session, please contact Juddee Milito @ J. Milito & Associates, 616-453-8711 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..