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Calvin Theological Seminary

“J. Milito & Associates are great relationship builders for us. They are courteous to a fault. Working with them is so easy and comfortable . . . and they raise a lot of money for us.”

Mitchell Schroder

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Catholic Central High School

“We are very grateful that we have the partnership with J. Milito and Associates. There are so many people that we need to reach, quite candidly, 24 thousand alums. Our very small team and I cannot make all these calls. We rely heavily on J. Milito and Associates to reach out to these alums that love to hear about what is going on with Catholic Central. We have found that with Juddee and her team that these people love to hear from them because they take the time to engage in conversation with these alums and to fill them in. Quite frankly, the team at J. Milito takes time with us to learn about what is going on at Catholic Central so they can effectively communicate all that is happening at our school.”

Beth Banta, Director of Advancement

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Christian Reformed Home Missions

J. Milito & Associates met our need for “a more personalized follow-up on our direct mail campaign. Their staff care enough about our precious donors to listen and see if they had prayer needs. There were our representatives with highly personalized and genuinely caring people making the calls. [And] we are satisfied with the results.”

Kristie Schrotenboer, James Vanderlaan,
Laura Posthumus, Scott Meekhof

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Coalition on Temporary Shelter (C.O.T.S.)

"J. Milito & Associates has successfully helped us reach out to our lapsed donor community, to bring most of them back into our COTS family of donors. We are grateful for the help they provided and we believe they can be very successful for you as well."

Aisha Morrell, Marketing Manager
Trish Dewald, Chief Development Officer
Coalition on Temporary Shelter (C.O.T.S.)

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Concordia Theological Seminary

“Concordia Theological Seminary has been privileged to work with J. Milito & Associates for over ten years. Juddee’s team brings to the table much more than just the mechanics of telephone fundraising, that they know very well. They become an extension, a part of our institution. Their approach with the donors is the same care and concern as we have in the Advancement Office. Juddee and her team provide their experience and expertise to help augment our very successful appeal process. Since the beginning I have been very impressed with the team. The callers are very well trained and they interact with the donors on a very professional level. Our donors give us positive feedback about the callers and the donors don’t even realize that the callers are with acting on behalf of the Seminary. The callers become part of the institution by taking the time to learn all about the Seminary. That brings together a very successful and professional team of people. Without a doubt, Juddee and her team are a good investment. We are very pleased with our Return on Investment. We look forward to working together for many years to come.“

Gary Nahrwold
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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Edgewood High School

"We have enjoyed working with Juddee and her team for over 7 years and could not be more pleased with the success of our annual Phon-a-thon. We count on this fund raising event as a part of our annual budget. Each year we meet or exceed our fund raising goal! The call center staff are great to work with. They truly care about getting to know our school and about the success of our campaign. We look forward to continuing our relationship with J. Milito & Associates".

Tammy Ehrmann
Development Director
Edgewood High School
Madison, Wisconsin